martedì 8 marzo 2011

Deep inside.

Thank you, India.
Thank you, world of grains and sand, land of peace and sea, of colors in the sunset, of lights that find death in the sunrise. Have you ever heard your heart singing down below the water? A soul that flies throught the sun, throughout the fire of my mind…

Thank you, providence.
Existing or not, going out the thoughts. Memories of the past, past memories, past joys.

Thank you, disillusionment.
How you’ve been able to open my eyes, to let me understand what really matters. It’s like tearing a veil of dream and facing reality. Hard, cold, but fresh.

Thank you, nothingness.
How you remind me that everything’s better than nothingness. And how I’m not so sure of this. How nothingness can make me feel me.

Thank you, clarity.
Thank you for the dreams you allow me to dream. Thank you for how you clean my eyes. For how you raise my curtains.

Thank you, thank you, silence...
For you. All. And not everything. Thank you for going through my veins, my soul. For tearing my mind apart. Thank you for letting me understand what’s worth, just what I’m worth. Thank you for being myself. Part of me. The silence of swimming through the ocean, the silence of waves dying on the shore...

Thank you for painting brightly my smile. For touching me deeply.
Thank you, silence and nothingness. All and nothing.

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  1. Nel mio blog c'è una sorpresa per te! ^_^